A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

With this in mind I needed some new instrument cables, the cables I had been using had seen better days, with splits in the plastic outer and a couple of loose solder joints over the years. And what a minefield I stepped in to. There is no end to the choice available to you when looking for what you would think would be fairly simple parts of your set up.

The choices that were available to me were ever so slightly limited in that I wanted to get a couple of cables whilst at my local music shop. I’d borrowed a Korg multi effects pedal to try out, but realised that I didn’t have a power supply or decent cables to use with it. I was eager to plug in the effects pedal the moment I got it so could not wait for an online delivery.

Unfortunately the multi effects pedal was not brilliant, but it did not put me off guitar effects completely, and I did end up buying some very nice cables indeed.

The instrument cables at my local music shop fell roughly into two categories, expensive premium cables, such as the Gibson Pure series (£55/$70).And cheap and cheerful, Stagg cables at around £5 a piece. I’ve had the cheaper cables in the past, and it seems that these do not seem to last. I suppose the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true in this case.

I’m sure for some people these cables (Gibson Pure) don’t seem over priced, and there are probably musicians out there who happily pay  many hundreds of pounds for their instrument cables but these at least to me they are out of my price range.

After some thought and much deliberation I settled on Fender branded cables. A 10ft Custom Shop Performance Series tweed cable and a Performance Series 5ft black cable (they didn’t have any shorter ones in tweed). I wanted one longer cable from my guitar to the effects and a shorter one from effects pedals to the amp.

I’m slightly disappointed that they didn’t have any 5ft tweed cables, as the tweed covering makes them difficult to get tangled, and easy to untangle. This is fantastic when you have been used to untangling a pile of cables every time you want to play guitar. Saying this however after a few months of use the rubberised black cable does not seem to have the same problems as I have had in the past. Neither of them have a tendency to tangle. The main selling point of the tweed cable however is that it looks so good!

They have lifetime warranties, and are not mega bucks. The longer cables cost around £15/$20 whilst the shorter ones cost around £10/$15 so won’t break the bank. They feel well made, have nice solid plugs and the shop assistant assured me that if there were any problems Fender would replace them without any hassle.

I haven’t found any problems with them yet (not that i’m expecting to). They fulfill my needs at a price point I can afford and they look good.

Don’t overlook the smaller details when searching for that perfect tone!

I would just like to point out that in no way was this paid for by anyone, these are just my opinions on the cables that I bought. As you can probably tell I am very happy with them. I thought that we musicians sometimes focus on the guitar that we’ve been lusting after or the newest boutique amplifier, whilst forgetting that a good cable will help you somewhat in achieving that all elusive perfect sound.

Thanks for reading.



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