The Regeneration Game

I have often liked the sound of a flange pedal without realising what it was about the music that was making that particular sound and how I could recreate it.

Whilst I borrowed a Korg multi effects pedal one of the only preset sounds I really liked using was the flange. I like the powerful choppy sound effect you get with a power chord.

I was not desperately seeking a flange modulation pedal, but PMT had a couple of Marshall stomp boxes on offer near Christmas time. And for the small amount I paid for it (£25) as long as it only had one function I would be happy.

And happy I was!

Or should that be happy I am.

I still have the regenerator. This thing is built like an absolute tank! If it was a terrible pedal It would double as a decent paper weight. Although i’m not a gigging guitarist, and don’t have to rely on my equipment, there is something reassuring about a heavy pedal. I suppose if I was a gigging guitarist and had to lug this thing around all the time, i’d get a bit fed up with the weight of it.

On to the functions of the pedal. There are 6 modes which you select using the left hand most pot. Vintage chorus, multi chorus, vintage flanger, phaser, step phaser and vintage vibe. I must say i’m not particularly taken with the two phaser modes. It’s not a sound I was looking for and is not a sound that I want on my board.

The two chorus modes, are nice, with a good shimmer, although I can’t tell the difference between the two. I could benefit with spending some more time with the pedal. In all honesty I immediately used it as a flanger, found a flanger sound that I liked, and haven’t really used any of the other modes to any great lengths.

The RG-1 isn’t a pedal with which you could easily switch modes on the fly, but I didn’t buy it expecting it to do that, so this isn’t something that I think is missing. The pedal does have an expression input, which I would love to try, but I don’t have an expression pedal at the moment. There are also stereo outputs, which as before I would love to try, but only have the single amplifier to play it through. A stereo set-up is a pipe dream at the moment.

I found that when put in my signal chain whether into the front of the amp or into the effects loop, it boosts the volume by around 5-10db. This could be a positive if you want a small volume boost, or a negative thing if you want a modulation effect without the boost.

I find that the boost can be unwanted. On a positive note however, it boosts the volume but doesn’t seem to have any effect on the tone itself.

This may be somewhat of an incomplete review as I haven’t really formed an opinion on the other modes. Apart from stating that I don’t like the phaser modes. I can only faithfully review the flanger setting. The flanger setting is good. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever heard, and there aren’t many sweet spots, but once I found a sweet spot and had a sound that I liked I was happy with it. Im sure there are other modulation pedals on the market that are better, and sound bigger. But I couldn’t find one at this price. The pedal is marketed as being able to create that giant jet on take off flanger sound, and I think it falls somewhat short of this. It sounds good, i’m sure the other modes work as well as the flanger. For around £50 I would still probably buy this pedal. But I couldn’t recommend it for any more than this.

I’m going to keep the Regenerator for some time, mainly because I want to use the other modes more, as I have yet to utilise them properly. I would also like to try the stereo out and expression pedal options, to see what this brings to the table. I won’t be looking at buying a different flanger any time soon as it is an effect that I would only use once in a blue moon.

I will say this, the shape of the pedal makes it easy to use, the wedged shape and the switch being where it is makes it easy to use and not catch the pots. The pots however are small, and would be fiddly to try and use on stage (not a problem for home use)

The internals of the pedal look extremely tidy. And everything looks well put together. I can’t see this breaking any time soon.

If you can pick it up second hand, or new for next to nothing like I did, then go for it. If anything you can at least try a few different modulation effects out to see what you would want for very little outlay. Even at full price, the stereo out and expression inputs usually don’t come as standard on other pedals. Unlike me you may really enjoy using the phaser. It’s not that it’s necessarily a terrible effect, it just isn’t something I like to use.



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