Fredric Effects – Green Russian

One of my first pedal purchases. The Green Russian is excellent.

I had the fortunate chance to try out a couple of different fuzz pedals, my friend owns Northern Stompboxes and he let me try before I buy. I had my eye on a few of the Fredrics Effects pedals, and was honestly blown away by the Green Russian. I compared it to similar offerings by Magnetic effects, and compared to the fuzz built into the holy stain this thing is fantastic.

I’m not saying that Magnetic effects aren’t good (there will be a few reviews in the future), the couple that I tried were fantastic, very well built, and competitively priced to the Fredrics Effects products, but there was something about the Green Russian that made me want to play all night. I found the sound it produces infectious. I’m sure in reality I was playing better because I was playing more, as I have mentioned previously I had found a new love for the guitar. At the time I put the improved playing down to the Green Russian, and something that makes me sound this good had to be bought.

The downside was that I couldn’t afford the Green Russian. I’d spent up buying the amp and the Holy Stain.

This was until I saw that Fredrics had a few seconds on their facebook page, and at £25 off retail I snapped it up. And I couldn’t have been happier. There are a few blemishes on the screen print, but its not something that I’d notice had I not been looking for it.

The Fredric Effects pedals are built like tanks. And the internals are extremely neat. I don’t gig, this will be used at home, but I have no doubts that the Green Russian would stand up to many years on the front line. The whole package is fantastic from the screen print down to the Klon style knobs. Now I have the Russian on my board I tend to run my other distortion into it. My other distortion is an always on effect, with the GR being a huge snarly boost to my usual sound.

It sounds mean! With everything dialed up to 11 it is a bit much for my tastes (not to say that there won’t be some people out there who love it turned to max). I find it sounds best within my chain, just past 1 o’clock on the tone and volume with sustain at around 10-11 o’clock. The sustain knob really helps the fuzz cut through everything but can sound a little fake, and cold if pushed too hard, and a little too muddy if there isn’t enough. I found that it took a while to get a sound that I like with it when it’s on my board, but now i’ve found the sound I like I want it on all the time.

When I tried the Russian out for the first time, it was just a guitar into the pedal into the front of the amp and as I mentioned before I was blown away. I didn’t think at the time that when there are more pedals involved that It would sound different, and it does. My other distortion currently is the Fredric Effects Golden Eagle (review coming soon) and I initially had the GR going into this, and then the amp, but I didn’t like the sound of that, the GR was the sound I wanted on as a boost, but the Golden Eagle can hardly be heard when it is second in the chain. On its own the volume on the GR doesn’t need to be turned up much past 9 o’clock. But when in the chain with the Golden Eagle it has to be turned up much more, other wise it seems to get lost in the sound. It has been a lot of trial and error playing with different settings to get a sound I’m happy with. There was a lot that I didn’t know going into this murky world of guitar effects, and there is still a lot to learn but I will say it is a fun process. Currently my chain is:

Guitar > Golden Eagle > Green Russian > Front of amplifier

Regenerator > Holy Stain > Effects loop

For now this sounds fantastic. I can’t find fault with the Green Russian. I would happily pay retail for it, and should it break (I’ve heard only good things about Fredrics warranty) although I’m not expecting it to, I would gladly buy another.

I would like to point out that I have not been paid to write this review, and I have paid for the pedal out of my own pocket. I am not being endorsed to write this review. It is unbiased, I’m just extremely happy with the Green Russian. I am one very happy customer, and will buy from both Fredric Effects and Northern Stomps in the future.

In Summary:

Pros –

  • Built like a tank
  • Good looking
  • Faithful replica of the EHX Russian Big Muff for a smaller price
  • Sounds fantastic imho
  • Small enclosure

Cons –

  • The sound wont be to everyone’s taste
  • Side mounted jacks
  • Not an easy battery change/ wouldn’t be easy in a hurry






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