Eye in the Sky – Magnetic Effects Satellite

The Magnetic Effects Satellite is an extremely transparent boost/overdrive pedal.

This pedal was again as before loaned to me by the fantastic Northern Stomps :


What does it do, and what do I mean by a transparent overdrive.

Well it’s quite self explanatory. It can be used to boost your signal to give you a little or a lot of extra volume, and has a slightly unusual EQ.  Or with some gain dialled in this can give you a huge hit of overdrive.  It is transparent in that it can be used to boost your sound without affecting the voicing of your amp. Granted I have mainly had this at the start of my chain. But with no gain set, or with very little gain set the Satellite does not colour the sound at all, it merely boosts it, giving you more of everything.

The EQ portion of the Satellite is unusual in that dialled up it actually has a flat EQ, then dialling back reduces the bass and treble. I have to say that fully cranked it is a well rounded sound. I tweaked a little bit and reduced the bass when using with my amp. But obviously different guitar and amp combos would need a different mix. It just so happens that out of the box the pedal sounds good with my Gibson going through it.

I was not as taken with the gain portion of the pedal. I found myself comparing it constantly to the Fredric Effects Golden Eagle, which so far is my favourite distortion pedal. The Satellite is absolutely fantastic as a boost. But I don’t like the sound of the pedal with the gain turned up past 2 or 3. There are probably a lot of people out there who will disagree. On its own its a lovely thing, with a very nice sound. But then compare it to the Golden Eagle and suddenly it’s not all that it seemed before.

There are many good points to the pedal, even though I personally wouldn’t have one in my chain. The build quality is excellent. The artwork is fantastic, and if I hadn’t discovered the Golden Eagle then it would be a contender. Top mounted jacks are a plus, and its no bigger than a standard stomp box.

If i’m not careful however I will end up with a board just full of distortion and overdrive. The Satellite is good, in fact it is very good. However I am not in love with it. Do yourself a favour. Try it out, it is very nice, but just not the pedal for me.

In Summary:

Pros –

  • Very transparent when used as a boost
  • Good build quality
  • Very nice artwork
  • Top mounted jacks

Cons –

  • I’m not overly taken with the gain portion of the effect
  • Paint looks very good, but I don’t know how durable it is
  • Larger than Fredrics Effects pedals, but top mounted jacks make up for this





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