Boss BCB60

After a few weeks deliberating how to go about creating a pedal board, and wondering what power supply to get I decided that I would try and find a Boss BCB60, as it has an integrated power supply and space for 7 pedals, 8 if I get some smaller pedals.

I had a bit of a hick-up with the first one I purchased, after a few weeks it hadn’t turned up, and I had to ask for my money back. Luckily however within a few days there was another for sale locally and I snapped it up and collected it.

I have to say that I am rather impressed with it. It is rugged, has decent foam inserts and the cables that come with it seem like very good quality, especially for someone just starting out with this sort of thing.

There a few downsides to it. The latches are quite flimsy, lots of people complain about them breaking. The ones on mine are absolutely fine however. The other slight issue is that I bought it under the impression that there were two outputs, one to send the signal to the amp and one to send it through the effects loop. There are two different outputs to send the signal to a stereo rig, but this can’t be used to send it to the effects loop in the same amp. I have had to separate out the pedals that I wanted in my effects loop and run the cables to it without them going through the BCB. Its not a massive issue, but just looks more untidy than the cables running through the channels in the BCB.

The power brick that came with the BCB was not the original as I bought it second hand. This was fine until I tried to power too many pedals with it. This has been remedied by buying a separate power supply that has a higher amperage.

I paid around £40 for the BCB60, and for this it seems to me to be good value. I was looking at spending around £30 on a basic power supply, then either making a board or buying one second hand.Plus purchasing patch leads and velcro would be more expense. For a relatively small amount I would say I got a good step up into the pedal board world. I will also point out that it is handy having a lid, and solid foam so that the board can be put away and the pedals won’t move about, this is most useful as I don’t have the room to leave the board out when i’m not using it.

I would recommend the Boss BCB60, although I don’t think I would recommend it at RRP of £120, as even if you account for the £20 power supply, and daisy chain, and £15 or so for the patch cables this would make the board itself around £85. There are cheaper alternatives if you just need a board and a case to house it. This was a good purchase for me at the price that I got it for.

In Summary:

Pros –

  • Hard wearing case
  • Channel to tidy all cables and leads
  • Easy to alter with foam inserts
  • Storage for other things
  • Power supply and included daisy chain

Cons –

  • Very pricey for what it is new
  • Power supply and daisy chain isn’t noiseless as a decent power supply with isolated outputs would be. This can be a problem if you get more pedals
  • Not the best looking thing, there are nicer looking cases
  • Limited space, it will be relatively easy to fill it up
  • Its difficult to fit extra pedals side on, as you can do with a traditional board






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