Fredric Effects – Golden Eagle

Go and buy this pedal now!

I could probably leave the review there and be happy with it. This is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion.

I had the fantastic opportunity to try a golden eagle out not very long after I bought the Laney. It was a love at first strum. It drives my amp into a lovely warm overdrive that I find infectious. Once on I don’t want to turn it off.

I will point out that I purchased the Golden Eagle with my own hard earned cash from Northern Stompboxes, and have not been paid to give my opinions on the pedal.

The Golden Eagle is a Klon Centaur clone. Which if you don’t already know about, please do yourself a favour and search the internet for one of the most revered pedals in the history of all things GAS.

Original Klons are hard to come by, cost an absolute fortune and take up at least two spaces on your pedal board. The Golden eagle costs a small percentage of a Klon, sounds fantastic and is easy to get hold of. I’m not disputing that the Centaur is a fantastic pedal, but I haven’t yet had the chance to try one, and even if I did I couldn’t justify spending £2000 on a single item that isn’t a house, a car or the one fantastic amp or guitar.

Another wonderful part of the Golden Eagle is the size of it. It is tiny, as most of the Fredric Effects pedals, it uses a folded case, that is very well finished. The graphics are simple, and give a strong indication of the effect that it is emulating. Something to note is that the Golden Eagle also includes a buffer as the original Klon does.

I can’t recommend it enough. It has plenty of control to tweak to your hearts content. It is a fantastic warm overdrive, making it easy to emulate classic rock/blues tones. It can get very heavy very quickly, but even when at its maximum it has a clarity that I have lost when i’ve tried other overdrive/distortion pedals. Its an always on effect for me.

It feels solid, well constructed, the insides looks clean, and well soldered. For the £125 I paid, it easily rivals other distortion pedals I’ve tried that cost up to £200. If you’re in the market for some overdrive goodness I would consider this over many of its more expensive rivals. At the time of writing this the Golden Eagle is the favourite pedal on my board. The Golden Eagle sounds fantastic along with the Green Russian fuzz, as it goes first in the chain, boosting the Green Russian into a fantastic warm fuzz frenzy. I can’t get enough of this combination. Use the Golden Eagle as a boost, or as a fat overdrive, either way i’m sure if you try it you will find a place for it in your chain.

In Summary:

Pros –

  • Fantastic as a boost or overdrive
  • Small well built enclosure
  • Good value for money compared to similar pedals, and especially when compared to the Klon Centaur that it copies.
  • Very neat good quality assembly

Cons –

  • I prefer the look of the Zombie Clone over the Golden eagle, this is (personal preference)
  • Side mounted jacks – top mounted are better for fitting as many effects as possible onto each board

I’m  nit picking, there aren’t many cons, I absolutely love this pedal.





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