Placebo Tone

I decided to have a go at making a pedal of sorts myself.

I had some Tone knobs left over from a guitar project.

This made me want to make a guitar pedal that only had Tone.

It doesnt work, it doesnt have an input or output, or way to power it. It does exactly what it says, its a placebo tone device. I made two identical devices, one as a gift for a friend, and one that I have kept.

At the moment this is a non functioning toy, but I do have plans to make it into a buffer which would give it a function, not that any of the switches would function. The issue with this is that it is a massive enclosure for such a small thing, the PCB for a buffer is tiny and can fit in the smallest enclosures.

Now i’ve started to get more interested in guitar pedals I have had many ideas that I want to make. This is hopefully just the first jokey idea in a line of usable pedals.

Watch this space. I’ll need a few bits, a soldering iron, wire strippers etc. I didn’t need any of these tools for the placebo tone as there are no real working electronics inside. I just needed a pencil, a ruler, some drill bits and a hand drill. Easy peasy.

The controls for the Placebo Tone are as follows:

Tone pot 1, tone pot 2, tone pot 3. 4 gain switches for more toanz, and one master switch, true bypass footswitch.

I should also mention that it’s wireless, so it just needs to be within the vicinity of your gear to affect your tone. The version I made for my friend is lego powered for even more toanz.


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