Fredric Effects – Dresden Synth Fuzz

Wow just wow. What is this thing! Do you have a sweet set up, with every tone you could ever need?

But you’re missing something? Something a little bat sh**  crazy? Look no further, buy this!

I was given this to try by Marc at Northern Stomps, again I wasn’t paid for this review but kindly leant the pedal try and review.

First off I’ll say I won’t be buying one of these and why you may ask? Because I have all the fuzz I could wish for with the Green Russian (also by Frederic Effects). I do prefer the look of the Dresden. The bright yellow case and single knob look amazing, it is in my opinion the best looking of Fredric Effects offerings.

From a construction view it is built like a tank. It’s also very small taking up a small amount of pedal board real estate. This can be said of all of the Fredrics products. The internals are neat and professionally put together again as all of the Fredrics products. I am not unbiased, as I own two Fredrics pedals, but I am not speaking falsely when I say that they do make very solid, professional products and a good price point. They’re solidly middle ground, not cheap plastic enclosures, and not requiring a second mortgage to be able to afford either. And at this price point (£80 -£125) they are fantastic value.

The Dresden Synth Fuzz sits nicely in the middle at £95, and if I needed a little bit of crazy on my board this would be a contender. When he leant me this Marc didn’t tell me anything about it just said to me; “Give it a go, good luck”.

So what does it do? It has three modes, the first is an octave lower, an octave above and both at once. Its not a sound you can utilise for chord progressions. But single note runs can sound fantastic with both octaves screaming at you. I am not sure whether the Dresden can be used with a bass, if it can I’m sure it would sound fantastic.

As a standalone fuzz it isn’t as versatile as some of the other Fredrics offerings (other brands do exist) but the Synth aspect of the Dresden makes this an unusual recipe for crazy tones. It was fun to play with but I couldn’t see it working with what I like to play. The sign of a good pedal is that once on, you don’t want to turn it off. And unfortunately at least for me It didn’t grab me enough to want to keep playing. That being said it creates an unusual sound that is worth trying out as I have said if you feel the need for something a little different.

In Summary:

Pros –

  • Well built
  • Its my favourite looking Fredrics pedal
  • Its an unusual sound, some people may really like it
  • It is relatively cheap
  • Very simple to use
  • It would possibly be very good for use with a bass, as it is only really usable with single note runs. Chords are just mushed noise.
  • small footprint

Cons –

  • The sound it creates is not necessarily musical imho, some people might fall in love with the strange synth sounds it produces
  • It has limited applications – I can’t see myself ever using it which is a shame because I love the looks of it, I really wanted to like it




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