Verb Tales – Neunaber Immerse

The Neunaber Immerse is by far the best reverb I have ever had the pleasure of trying out.

My good friend over at Northern Stompboxes generously let me borrow the Immerse.

I was genuinely upset that I had to give it back.
The algorithms within the immerse are fantastic.

The shimmer, oh my dear lord the shimmer.
Please go and listen to reviews of this. Do yourself that favour. I’m not sure that I can accurately describe how fantastic it sounds. There are many videos on YouTube showing the many talents of the Immerse, have a look.

It is expertly built, in a handsome enclosure.  The finish of the pedal is excellent and there are no unsatisfactory parts of it. It is feature packed and very versatile. Easily able to go from old school slapback to ambient bliss with a few turns of a knob. There are also some external dipswitches to kill the dry signal (if that’s your cup of tea) and kill the trails (which continue for an absolute age!)

The Immerse has 8 reverb options: wet, hall, plate, spring, two types of shimmer, +echo and +detune. All of which do a fantastic job. There is a controll knob which changes depending on which option you have selection, meaning there are countless options. There is surely a reverb here for everyone.

The only downside for me is the price. There have been other pedals that I have wanted to buy. But reverb is high on the list of  wants, especially since I sold the Holy Stain and my amplifier doesn’t have reverb. I know this is not the most expensive reverb that money can buy, but when you’re playing a £500 guitar through a £200 amp you probably shouldn’t spend upwards of £200 on a reverb even if the shimmer sounds like a choir of angels. I did not try a mode on the immerse that I didn’t like. They are all fantastic. There are a few other pedals on the scene that may persuade me to give them a try. Now i’ve used a verb with shimmer It is a feature that I would very much like.

Im torn, I loved using the Immerse more than any other pedal I’ve tried. I want a reverb as its something I thought added to my sound. It’s one of the effects that I find I don’t care for it, until I play without it and then I miss having it. Apart from the shimmer settings i’m not interested in any of the crazy reverbs sounds, just a small amount of plate is usually enough. I’m not saying that I don’t like the other modes on the Immerse, they are all fantastic in their own right, they are just not what I would use often.

I think that before I forget it is worth mentioning that the Immerse is a digital pedal with the feel of an analogue unit. Neunaber are renowned for their fantastic algorithms, used by many other companies. The Immerse is also unique for a Neunaber product as there are more than one reverbs in the same pedal. Other Neunaber products have one function that can be altered when hooked up to a computer.

Now the only reason I haven’t rushed out to buy one for myself is the price (around £220). There is also the small problem with not really being able to pick them up second hand for much less than retail. For around half the price there are 3 other pedals that I would consider, for all of my reverb needs. The first is the TC Electronics Hall Of Fame 2, around £130 retail also has shimmer, but i’m waiting on the reviews and need to go and try it myself. The second is the Boss RV-6 which retails around the same price (£125) and is very well renowned especially at this price point, it has very good plate reverb and shimmer settings. The last is the Digitech Polara, which looks fantastic, is slightly cheaper (£117) but I think that the shimmer setting is a letdown compared to the other pedals mentioned here. It is worth noting that all of these pedals including the Immerse are around the same small footprint, so there is no advantage to choosing one of them over the other because of size.

Im sure this has become a slight rant and justification for me to go out and spend lots of money on a reverb pedal. I think that I have made a choice to work up to a Neunaber and decide between one of the cheaper mentioned reverbs first.

That being said, go and listen to an Immerse, try one out if you have a chance, buy one if you have the money. Just because I can’t justify the expenditure at the moment and I want a reverb pedal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and try an Immerse yourself.

Do it!

In Summary:

Pros –

  • The algorithms are amazing
  • It’s a premium product – it feels like it is extremely well made
  • The Shimmer alone is the best I’ve heard – worth buying it for this (if you can afford)
  • Easy to use
  • Small footprint

Cons –

  • Price – for me this is out of my price range, its quite a bit more than the Boss RV-6 and the TC Electronics Hall Of Fame 2. Both of which have very good shimmer reverbs. There aren’t really any other downsides. Its fantastic. I have a niggling voice in my head that tells me I shouldn’t spend more on a reverb pedal than I did on my amp and at the moment it’s the only thing stopping me from buying it.



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