High Standards – Fredric Effects Standard Fuzz Machine

This pedal was loaned to me by Northern Stomps, I have not been paid to write this and I have not paid money out of my own pocket for the pedal. That being said I try to be as impartial as possible.

I borrowed the Standard Fuzz Machine a few months ago and really didn’t like it. I took pictures in order to write a blog post but stupidly didn’t take any notes. I only remember that at the time I thought it was a harsh sounding fuzz, very aggressive and the sort of thing used by those who would possibly play heavy metal.

I didn’t want to write my review based on the few memories I had of using it. I asked Marc if I could borrow it again and brought it home last week.

I don’t know what I did differently when I tried it previously, but this time I really enjoyed it. First off I thought that my initial views of the Standard were correct as I had the balance up high on the pedal and it didn’t really seem to be very loud and sounded flat, just a hissy kind of fuzz to the sound.

This was the same impression I had when I first tried the Standard. I realised that my amp was turned down quite low. Once I had cranked it up a bit the SFM came to life.

It’s Bold, brash and in your face, more so on the bottom tone setting (the switch in the middle). On the top its a warmer more rounded and in my opinion nicer sound. Its a very simple pedal, balance is the amount of the effect within your signal, so a sort of volume for the effect and fuzz depth takes the fuzz from just tickling at the edges of your tone to a full on in your face box of angry bees being kicked down 40 flights of stairs. The bottom setting is more clipped and tight, the top setting more open and rounded.

I kept switching between the Standard Fuzz Machine and the Fredric Effects Green Russian (which I have previously reviewed). I loved the Green Russian so much that I bought one. Its been on my board for around a year and it sounds fantastic when driven by the Golden Eagle. The Standard Fuzz Machine however sounds fantastic on its own. Sending the Golden Eagle into it doesn’t affect it half as much as it does with the Green Russian.

In comparison I found that although the Green Russian sounds warm and fuzzy there’s no clarity to it like there is with the Standard. It is so much nicer and has so much more clarity that I am considering selling the Green Russian to fund a Standard Fuzz Machine. And this is how it begins. I’m going to have to spend some time with the Green Russian again as I absolutely fell in love with it when I first heard it. And now I’m kicking myself because I should have tried more Fuzz pedals before I got the Green Russian.

This is by the by, I like the Standard Fuzz Machine. I want one, I just don’t want two Fuzz pedals on my board at the moment so I would have to sell one to buy this.

I would gladly recommend it. And would try it out if you get the chance.

In summary:

Pros –

  • Small enclosure
  • Two distinctly different tone voicing’s
  • Top notch construction
  • More versatile than other fuzz pedals I have tried

Cons –

  • Side mounted jacks
  • Awkward to open to change batteries if needed
  • May be a bit to bold and brash for some



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