Foxy Boxing – Fredric Effects Foxrite

Before I start this review, the usual disclaimers. I did not purchase this effects pedal. I was loaned it by my good friend Marc at Northern Stompboxes. He carries a lot of Fredrics stock hence I get the lucky job of trying this one out. I have also not been paid to write this review. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but I do own a couple of Fredric Effects stomp boxes and I believe them to be good quality and reasonably priced, so that view of Frederic Effects will be the same across the board.

I generally use the same gear when trying a pedal out so that I have a good control to compare the different pedals to. This is more necessary now that I have tried a few different fuzz pedals. I naively thought that all fuzz was created equal. It is not, every different stomp box that I have tried has had a distinctly different voice.

I digress, my set up whilst reviewing the Foxrite was my Gibson 50’s Tribute (with P90’s) through my Laney CUB 12. The rest of my board can be seen through my Instagram feed.

The Foxrite is based on a Mosrite Fuzzrite, a pedal I can’t say I had heard of before researching the Foxrite, but if this is something that you know anything about and want on your board, the Foxrite is a good modern re imagining in a bombproof case.

I don’t dislike the Foxrite, nor do I like it enough to consider putting one on my board. For me it sits squarely in the middle of other Fuzz pedals I’ve tried.

It is not as subtle and saturated as the Green Russian, nor is it as articulate and cutting as the Standard Fuzz (both also by Fredric Effects). This sits somewhere in the middle of the two. It has had a volume boost to bring it up to modern standards according to Fredrics, and I can safely say that it gets as loud as any Fuzz needs to. It is somewhat muddy, or synthy and the Rite or Rong switch does alter the character significantly, so along with a limited EQ you do get two different Fuzz sounds for your money.

The Rong setting is darker with more mids and bass wheras the Rite has a more cutting treble, it is more raspy and compressed. I personally prefer the Rong setting as it has a bit more to cut through the mix. The treble knob on both settings is really a bit all or nothing. It doesn’t seem to have an effect until right near the end.

If you want a fuzz pedal that you can drive with other pedals this is not the one for you. The Fredric Effects Golden Eagle doesn’t seem to have an noticeable effect on the Foxrite, neither does the Boss BD-2 (these were the only drive pedals available to me at this time). This could be a problem, as I like using the Green Russian, and then boosting this with the Golden Eagle. If I can’t do this with the Foxrite, I wouldn’t swap the Russian for it.

The artwork is fantastic, but that is not the only reason one would purchase a pedal. It will play a contributing factor in the decision making process, but for most this wont be the only reason to go ahead with the purchase.

In summary:

Pros –

  • Bomb proof enclosure
  • Fantastic artwork
  • Two pedals in one
  • High quality components

Cons –

  • Changing a battery could be a hassle if needed in a hurry
  • Doesn’t react to other drive pedals
  • Sound not for me but this is personal opinion



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