Set em up to knock em down. Fender Stratocaster MIM

This post isn’t about pedals. But is about the thing I plug into them. I’ve had this guitar for around 15 years, not that you’d know from looking at it. My father bought it for me for Christmas and it was my first proper guitar. At the time although it was initially excited I didn’t enjoy playing it because the neck/fretboard is wide and quite flat. I didn’t play it all that often and enjoyed playing shorter scale length rounder necked guitars ie Epiphones. I didn’t sell it however because it had a lot of sentimental value and I would have upset my father had I sold it. I just sort of abandoned it, even lending it to a friend for a year or so because he wanted to try one out. Over the course of owning it I have changed the scratchplate twice and the trem cover once. I’ve changed the knobs (due to one breaking). The internals have been shielded properly and it’s had a new roller sting trea. (All of these things have been done by myself). Its never crossed my mind to change the pickups as the guitar has hardly been used. But recently I had a yearning for some single coil sounds and took the old girl out of her case. She’s been polished and the neck has been sanded so it’s nicely smooth. The fret board has been cleaned and the frets have been polished. I have also changed the scratchplate (as the previous one had a gouge in it). I then took it over to my local guitar shop Rock Factory in Castleford, Yorkshire. And I could recommend them enough. Frank set my guitar up perfectly. I wanted to get it set up by a professional as I didn’t trust that I would get it right. It. Has usually had 9s on it, but I wanted to up the gauge to heavy bottom 10s for some thick bottom strings and didn’t really know where to begin with adjusting the neck relief. I got the guitar back from Rock Factory and have hardly been able to put it down. Especially when paired with a tube amp and reverb it just sings. I love the brightness and the pickups although lacking the growl of a humbucker do push the amp/overdrive pedals enough to get a good bluesy tone.

I am once again smitten. And am so very glad that I haven’t sold this guitar. This will also be used when I review pedals so that I have a better idea of how they will sound with single coil and humbuckers. Hopefully this will make for better reviews in the future. As some of you may wonder “how does this pedal sound with single coils through a tube amp” and prior to this I haven’t been able to say.



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