Whole lotta Fuzz – Thorpy FX Fallout Cloud

I will start this review by stating that I borrowed this pedal for review from Northern Stompboxes. I was not paid to write this and I have no affiliation to the Thorpy brand.

The Fallout cloud is a very versatile fuzz pedal with a whole host of tonal capabilities.

It weighs a ton. Or as close to, that it makes no difference. And its the most beautiful pedal inside and out that I have had the fortune to use. In terms of manufacturing and construction this level of detail should be something that all pedal manufacturers aspire to.

I would not want to drop the Fallout Cloud on my foot as I fear that a lengthy hospital visit would be in order. The weight is however very reassuring. The Fallout Cloud is the Nokia 3210 of the effects pedal world. The world will break around the Fallout Cloud.

All of the components are top quality, and the craftsmanship goes most of the way towards explaining the rather hefty (for my budget) price tag.

The Fallout Cloud can cover everything from muff style raucous tones to screaming treble filled lead. The sustain that this thing delivers is much more than adequate and is in fact bordering on ludicrous. It has a fairly comprehensive EQ with a bass and treble knob, which react well together to give a plethora of tones. I found the Fallout Cloud to be quite bass heavy, and had to keep the bass down low. This could just be my amp. I settled on the treble around the 2 o clock position and the sustain around 12 to create some heavy fuzz. I do imagine the Fallout Cloud would work very well with bass, but I don’t have the equipment to try it out.

I compared the Fallout Cloud to the Fredric Effects Green Russian (my staple fuzz). And although the Fallout Cloud is more versatile, has a ton more sustain, a lot more treble on tap. It did not quite convince me to make the swap, not for the price. Don’t get me wrong its fantastic, and were I looking at a new fuzz and had close to £200 to spend this would be at the top of the list. Just based on how well it’s put together I would like to own a Thorpy Fx pedal in the future, but I don’t currently need any of the effects in their offering.

Don’t let me put you off, the only two reasons I haven’t put an order in for the Fallout Cloud is that I am happy with my fuzz pedal and my lack of funds. If you have money to spare and need for a fuzz go and give this a try. Every aspect of it is amazing. The enclosure is a custom made affair from two pieces of folded steel. It has laser cut graphics. the soldering and internals are excellent. The top mounted jacks are a good addition especially as the fallout cloud, although not a huge pedal is a little bigger than some that are currently on my board.

There don’t really have any criticisms of the Fallout Cloud. I’m a little bit in love, I just don’t need a fuzz. If I was to be very picky, I suppose that the laser engraved graphics could be painted, this would stand out more, and the text around the dials is hard to read, but there are only 4 dials to choose from and you will easily learn what is what.

In Conclusion –


  • Sounds fantastic, extremely versatile
  • Amazing quality construction
  • Hefty weight is reassuring
  • Absolutely bomb proof (can’t see it ever being broken)


  • Slightly larger than some pedals
  • is heading towards the pricey end of the scale (especially as a newbie to this kind of thing)
  • weight could be an issue if you’re shifting gear around a lot



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