Pedal Board Build

My BCB-60 was getting rather crowded and I wasn’t planning on getting rid of any of my stomp boxes any time soon. In fact I have plans to buy more.

So I had to find a bigger one. I had a little shop around and I could have bought one. For around £100 I could have purchased a metal board or a briefcase style board with a Hardcase/lid. Before I bought anything I thought it best to find a power supply.  I’ll write a separate review on the power supply. I opted for a Fame DCT-200 which nearly covers all of my power requirements. I didn’t realise it at the time but the Zoom CDR-70 required 500mA of power which the fame doesnt supply on a single output.

As it just so happened my friend was helping me with a project over the weekend and I thought as I would have plenty of power tools at my disposal that I may as well have a go making one.

And make one we did. Using some pine from a lumbar yard and some birch from B&Q I set to constructing a simple frame.  The frame itself was simple, the sides were a bit tougher due to the tools that I had. They’re a bit rough and it doesnt sit perfectly flat but on carpet it’s fine.

I purchased some velcro to attach the pedals and kitchen drawer handles for the sides to carry it along with some zip ties and holders for cable management.

I’m glad I got the power supply before I made the board as I was able to fit the board around the supply. It fits nicely underneath and is velcroed into place. Being able to house the supply underneath has given me a decent amount of additional space as the power supply is quite bulky. It also helps me to hide the cables.

I’m quite proud of the board and have made some little personal touches. I’m going to furnish it with more pedals in the future and am happy that I have plenty of space for years, but more realistically months to come. It didn’t cost me all that much. With the power supply, velcro, wood and extra bits it probably cost me £60. And for that I am very happy with it.

I was going to finish the wood with either oil, a stain or varnish but as it is living in the spare room it doesn’t really need it. I was also a bit too eager to use it so I stuck the velcro down before I’d really thought about finishing it. This shouldn’t be a problem but it if it ends up being it will be a lesson on what to do when I make another one.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments section.



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