Cry Me a River – Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

I got this for an absolute steal, £30 from a mate who didn’t use it. I now have a much bigger board, with plenty of room for it. And I love it. I can’t stop playing Hendrix licks. It’s a bit of a gimmicky thing but I am enjoying using it, and that for me is worth the money I spent.

It is housed in a solid metal box, and apart from possibly the cog inside wearing down I can’t see their being any way that anything else on it will break. It is solid and dependable. It probably isnt an effect that I would use all that much. But I am enjoying using it a lot. Its very fun. If you dont know what sound a Wah makes, go and listen to Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix.

A Wah is a distinctive sound, and it was something that I thought about buying but I haven’t put any effort into researching to see which one would be best for me. When my friend mentioned that he didn’t use it and said that he was going to sell it I jumped at the chance. I’m happy with the purchase, but don’t know if I would be if I had paid full retail for it as it’s a bit of a whim, hardly used effect.

This has been a short review, but there isn’t really that much to say about the crybaby. It is an iconic sound. It sounds exactly as you would expect and it has a few applications, I can’t see myself using it all that often. Saying that I’m happy about the aquisituion.

I suppose I shouldn’t say that it is limited in it’s uses. I might find a new use for a wah that no one else has thought about. Who knows!

In conclusion:

Pros –

  • Solid construction
  • Fantastic sound if Wah is what you want
  • Cheap

Cons –

  • Potentially limited in application
  • Big footprint



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