Zander Cafetiere (Not a full review)

Unfortunately during my time trying out some pedals with my friendly neighbourhood effects distributor I didn’t really do my job properly and failed to take down enough notes about the Cafetière to make a good job of a review. I will be writing a review hopefully in the not too distant future as we are planning to do a shoot out with the Fredric Effects Harmonic Percolator clones (the same pedal that the Cafetière is based on). Hopefully having a few different pedals based on the same famous effect will make for an interesting set of reviews. It isn’t something I’ve had the chance to do before now with any of the other pedals I’ve reviewed.

The Cafetière along with most Zander Circuitry pedals have had a makeover recently, so I may also get the chance to compare the version below with the newer version. I will say that while I don’t remember all that much of the Cafetiere It does look good in this version, and I think the newer version looks even better.

So watch this space.



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