North East Guitar Show

I went to the North East Guitar Show this past Sunday at the Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton-le-Spring. I helped out at the Northern Stompboxes stand. It was a busy day out. Lots of people came and talked to us about effects pedals, quite a few people who more like me were newer to effects pedals, maybe only had a few and didn’t know neccesarily what every effect was and what it did. This was a good opportunity for me to try out some of the stock that Marc has that I haven’t seen before. I got tempted by a few things, and not all of them were from Northern Stomps.

Firstly I’m still in the market for a standalone reverb pedal. I have a few in mind. The main contender is the Boss RV-500 as I imagine this should be all of the reverb that I will ever need. It has all of the same reverbs as the RV-6 plus more and as many tweaking options as I can think of.

I could have bought one at the show but am not 100% certain about the purchase and it is quite a lot to spend on one pedal. I could carry on using the Zoom CDR70 for reverb but I have recently bought a Korg Volca Keys and am thinking about using the CDR70 with this. So a stand alone reverb and maybe a tremolo pedal are on the cards for the future.

As it was a guitar show there were understandably lots of different guitars for sale. I don’t really have my eye on anything guitar sized at the moment so I didn’t look around specifically for anything. I did notice a few interesting pedals for sale, just nothing that I wanted to spend my hard earned cash on. I could have been tempted if I had a few thousand to spend on some of the higher end guitars. I imagine for a lot of the stalls there it was more about getting their brand out there. I don’t know of many people who will spend £1500 on a custom hand made guitar on a whim, especially when you can specify exactly what you want. So for these vendors I would imagine that it is an opportunity to show their craftsmanship and get people excited about the possibilities. There was a large stand for Flattley Guitar Pedals. Some of them looked interesting, not all of the finishes were to my taste, but it did seem that you could customise some of their pedals. There was a person playing one of their overdrives whilst I was at their stand and it did sound very good. My problem with anything at a show is that the number of other people playing different things makes it difficult to really hear a true representation of whatever you’re having a go with. I would have bought a boss pedal safe in the knowledge that I’ve already heard a lot of demo’s of it. This poses more of a problem when you’re talking about £150+ handmade pedals such as Flattley Guitar Pedals. They looked very good, and they sounded very good, but when making a purchase of that amount I would like to do some research. That being said, I am now aware of that brand so I guess the show has done its job.

I look forward to the next one in a few months time, I might even find something worth buying. 4 pedals and my board will be complete, a reverb, a tremolo, a volume pedal and a Digitech drop. There are a few other things that if the price is right I will purchase, but these aren’t part of the 4 I mentioned above. If I find a Digitech Dirty Robot or their 12 string pedal I would certainly review them, they look interesting but they aren’t as important to me as finding a good reverb.

I have also decided to put a bit of money to one side and purchase some pedals that I can review and sell on, so hopefully this will bring new content that doesn’t rely on me buying pedals for my own use or borrowing them from friends for review.

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see a review of and I’ll try and get it. Or is there something you could send to me for me to review?


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