Tremble, Womble No Worries – Boss TR-2

If you want to hear the sound clip, it’s at the bottom of the review.

Now that I’ve retired the Zoom MS70-CDR from my board i’ve had to replace the most used effects with other stompboxes. Last week I reviewed the reverb pedal that I got to replace the MS70-CDR and this week it’s the turn of the tremolo pedal. Reverb and tremolo were the two most used effects in the CDR for me.

So why did I choose the TR-2? Price mainly. It was quite inexpensive second-hand at around £40. It also has a few other good selling points. Firstly its a standard Boss pedal, small enough for most boards, standard 9V centre negative power requirements and all housed in a dependable metal body. I also quite like the green and gold together.

Its one standout feature however is that you can tweak the wave form of the tremolo from a washy triangular to a stuttery sharp square wave. This is my favourite thing about it. Not every tremolo has this. And there are plenty of in between settings that sound ace.

It doesn’t have loads of features other than this, but part of the charm of it is that it is just exactly what you would need in a tremolo. It doesn’t need bells and whistles to get the job done. Rate and depth are quite self-explanatory. Rate is how fast the tremolo affects the signal, or how fast the stutter part of the effect is. The depth is pretty much the amount of effect present, the more depth the more of the effect.

There isn’t all that much to say about the TR-2. When I first got it I wasn’t hugely impressed but the longer ive had it the more ive been impressed in its elegant simplicity and the ability to add a wash to a soundscape or an aggressive choppyness to a fuzzy riff. It has a nice amount of wobble and a vintage kind of look and sound to it. I’m more than happy with it now I’ve spent a little time with it. If a simple tremolo is what you want, then the TR-2 is worth a look.

In Conclusion:

Pros –

  • Cheap
  • Small, solid metal enclosure
  • Classic looks and sounds
  • Wave selector

Cons –

  • May not be as feature packed as other tremolos
  • No presets – But what do you expect, its a simple no frills pedal

I’m hoping in the future that I can get hold of some other Tremolos and have a bit of a shoot out, watch this space.


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