Thank Goodness I didn’t Take My Credit Card – A Walk Down Denmark Street

I visited London this week with my lovely other half for her birthday. Whilst there we did many sight seeing things, visited the Natural History Museum (well worth a visit) and took in a show (The Lion King, again well worth it). But for the gear side of my brain Denmark Street was a must.

I dragged a reluctant other half to every shop on the street. There was so much on offer. A bit of everything for every budget. Up to, including and probably beyond an original early 60’s (I believe) Gibson Les Paul Goldtop for £30k or so. There were also more sensible offerings around the *I could buy a car for this amount* £6k- £8k mark, and I couldn’t lie to the missus because she was with me (damn now she knows how much all of this stuff costs!).

What really caught my eye was an off white vintage looking telecaster. It had a maple board and was around the £900 mark, so not completely unreasonable.

What will interest the readers of this blog most however is the number of effects pedals I saw. There were cases upon cases. A lot of fairly normal mass market things from companies such as Boss and EHX. But also unsurprisingly a lot of boutique UK made effects that I have reviewed on here from Fredrics, Hudson, Thorpy FX, plus quite a few brands that I can’t remember the name of.

There was an original Big Muff in one shop. And also if you have £1850 burning a hole in your pocket a genuine silver Klon Centaur.

There was also a healthy number of budget friendly effects from Mooer and the like if the usually more expensive hand made effects were out of reach.

I had a bit of good fortune in finding a small repair shop in the basement of one store who sold me a replacement knob for my Stratocaster and some buttons for the strap locks I have. So that I can swap the strap from one guitar to the other without having to purchase an entire set of the locks which I only need half of. The guitar tech also kindly turned some large wood screws down so that I can replace the smaller screws in the guitar and they would have more thread, hopefully meaning that the lock button won’t ever come loose.

I saw an unusually large amount of tone benders, most of which I presume are original.

One pedal that really caught my eye but annoyingly didn’t get a picture of was a killswitch that had a Morse code button on it. I’ve since found that it is a Telegraph Stutter, from the American company Coppersound effects pedals. Maybe now I should have bought one. Have a look at them here, this is from the shop on Denmark Street that had them.

To cut a long post short. If you are ever in London and have some time to kill. Denmark Street is to a guitar/effects nut what a toy shop is to a child. It is most definitely worth a visit. Although it may leave you looking at remortgaging your house. Please don’t blame me for any crazy spending that may occur as a result of your visit.


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