Welcome to pedal post

My name is Joe and I suffer from GAS. Within this blog I am going to chart my journey down into the deep murky depths of GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome)

I have played the guitar for some time, and bought and sold many instruments over my lifetime, but have never (until recently) been very interested in guitar effects.

This fairly recent interest in guitar effects happened when I bought a new guitar and amplifier. This was my first tube amplifier, and sounds fantastic, but it doesn’t have reverb. It does however have an effects loop that I can run the reverb through. I wanted reverb, so bought a pedal to use with the amp, this first pedal was an Electro Harmonic Holy Stain.

I was talking to a friend about wanting a new amplifier when he suggested a Laney Cub 12. and for the price (£200/$250) I couldn’t turn it down. Thus an interest in electric guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals was renewed. I played more, played better and had stared down into the deep depths of GAS.